Silver & Fern

United Kingdom

Silver & Fern is a one-woman business specialising in sustainable jewellery. Silver & Fern rebranded in December 2021 but was originally FloraLuna Designs for over a year.

I'll be honest and say I may be a *little* bit of a hoarder and have had some beads and gemstones stashed away from broken items of jewellery for a few years, just wondering what to do with them. I am all for upcycling and making the most of what I already have to create fabulous new items. That's also why I try to just work with reclaimed jewellery components (unless it is something fancy or bespoke) rather than purchase everything from new. I bet we all have some jewellery hidden at the bottom of a drawer that we don't wear but maybe it's time for it to become something new?

Along with using reclaimed beads and gemstones, I also use eco-silver for my sterling silver items! Eco-silver is 100% recycled silver which is eco-friendly and is fully traceable.

I would love and appreciate any donations of gemstones (small chips or even bigger ones!) or, wooden or glass beads.




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