Our manifesto

We are The Rejewel Collective. A collaborative effort of international makers across many disciplines. We are jewellery designers, fashion designers, costume makers, crafters, artists. We are makers. We are creators. Our prime directive is waste reduction; specifically fast fashion accessories. We are here to help you change the way you dispose of your broken fast fashion jewellery. The Rejewel Collective is a space to bring makers and conscious consumers together to reduce waste. We work with transparency. We upycle. We recycle. We see the value in all materials. We are resourceful. We are committed.

About us

The ReJewel Collective was founded in 2019. Our platform provides a space to showcase the voices within the sustainable fashion industry working towards a waste free future by replacing outdated linear business with circular solutions.

Our upcycling service has been deployed in 10 countries and continues to grow - you can find our designers in Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Spain and the United States of America.

We set up the jewellery upcycling service to help people like you dispose of their broken and unwanted jewellery - conscious fashion lovers who care about what they wear and how their actions impact Earth.

Let us help you save those odd earrings, snapped bracelets or shabby necklaces sitting at the bottom of our jewellery boxes by upcycling with us, and get your old materials back into circulation.